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The aim of this website is to bring together a variety of eyesight related subjects - into one central area. Whether you are a shop owner wanting to find out how to best serve vision impaired customers, or a newly blind member looking for tips and tricks to assist in everyday life, this site aims to hopefully have something for everyone.  Some links within my website are internal, while others are New Zealand based or international. Please use your own discretion.
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G Gibson New Zealand's first NVDA certified expert 2017

To find out who has been registered worldwide as an NVDA certified expert, or to find out more about becoming one yourself, please visit the following link

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Pages recently updated

Recently updated: How to interact with the YouTube player with NVDA (http://www.accessibilitycentral.net/nvda%20audio%20tutorials.html); Quick folder key navigation (an add on /extension allowing you to jump to each folder quickly http://accessibilitycentral.net/accessible%20email%20client%20mozilla%20thunderbird.html); Putting a shortcut on your desktop in Windows 10 (NVDA tutorials for other programs page http://www.accessibilitycentral.net/nvda%20tutorials%20for%20other%20programs.html); New notification from autoplay USB drive, “select what happens with removable drives” message; and
NVDA says “unknown” or “pane” in all of your browsers, Mozilla Thunderbird email client and other places (NVDA Audio tutorials page)  
http://www.accessibilitycentral.net/nvda%20audio%20tutorials.html Adding a Windows OneCore TTS voice to your PC in Windows 10 http://www.accessibilitycentral.net/nvda%20tutorials%20for%20windows%2010.html
Added information on the NVDA expert exam (link to the list of certified experts, and to where you can sit the exam) to all NVDA related pages. Added link to Switching from Window-Eyes to NVDA tutorial (by Gene Asner) to the Migrating to NVDA from another screen reader page. How to show or hide columns in your Mozilla Thunderbird email header (changes made) http://accessibilitycentral.net/accessible%20email%20client%20mozilla%20thunderbird.html

New: Added a page called How to use the 7-zip file manager with the NVDA screen reader (off the NVDA tutorials for other programs page); Added new page called How to use the Windows 10 store with the NVDA screen reader (off the NVDA tutorials for other programs page). http://www.accessibilitycentral.net/nvda%20tutorials%20for%20other%20programs.html Added new page called Migrating to NVDA from another screen reader for both a desktop and laptop user (new link added to all NVDA related pages http://accessibilitycentral.net/Migrating%20from%20other%20screen%20readers%20to%20the%20NVDA%20screen%20reader.html).

The free screen reader, NVDA 2017.2 has just been released. It can be found at http://www.nvaccess.org/

To get your free copy of the SpeechHub synthesiser package (which works well with NVDA), the SpeakOn MediaSuite (which is a self voicing application), or the SpeakOn CalcPad (calculator program) please visit http://www.speakon.org.uk/

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