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The aim of this website is to bring together a variety of eyesight related subjects - into one central area. Whether you are a shop owner wanting to find out how to best serve vision impaired customers, or a newly blind member looking for tips and tricks to assist in everyday life, this site aims to hopefully have something for everyone.  Some links within my website are internal, while others are New Zealand based or international.
Please use your own discretion. Look for my updated pages and contact email address at the end of the following table.

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After you have chosen your preferred language (using the combo box), the next tab after that is the translation.
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TV commercials that may not
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Sighted Guide

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Tips and Tricks

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Basic Braille

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Guide dogs

Sports and recreation

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How to install additional
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Accessible email client
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Things I would like to see
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Travel tips for the visually
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Travelling with a
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Migrating to NVDA from
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Accessible Phones

Talking Books

Troubleshooting NVDA
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G Gibson New Zealand's first NVDA certified expert 2017 / 2019 / 2022

To find out who has been registered worldwide as an NVDA certified expert, or to find out more about becoming one yourself, please visit the following link certification.nvaccess.org

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Pages recently updated

Recently updated:
Added a link to the "Talking about Seeing" podcast series from Access Radio Taranaki to the Did you know? Members information page.
Added The following services can be used with a Google smart speaker and Chromecast to the accessible on demand and video streaming services page.
Added a variety of help topics to the Troubleshooting NVDA screen reader problems page.
Added How to enable auto-generated image labels in Microsoft Edge to the NVDA tutorials for other programs page.
Added Samsung TV plus to Accessible on demand and video streaming services page.
Added the object enhancer addon to the NVDA addons page, along with a dropbox link to a folder with addons for NVDA 2022.1

The SpeechHub add-on has been updated to work with NVDA 2022.1 You can download the SpeechHub package plus the updated add-on from http://www.speakon.org.uk

The free screen reader, NVDA 2022.1 has just been released. It can be found at http://www.nvaccess.org/

Site last updated: 13th of July 2022