Skype, Trusted Microsoft Store app 

What is Skype?

Skype is a program used to voice chat, video chat, and send messages and files etcetera to others on your contact list.  It can be used on your computer, phone or tablet. 

The information that follows is for the Windows 10 operating system.

Locating the Skype App

To locate the Skype app you can do it one of two ways. One way is to press the Windows key and in the search box type Skype. A list of results will come up (one of them being Skype, Trusted Microsoft Store app) and then press the Enter key. You will now be taken into the app. The other way is to locate it under the all apps, then Skype menu, then press the Enter key to go into it. If you have the desktop version, you will also notice one has a Skype folder which will be the desktop version of Skype if there.

Keys that will be used in Skype

In most cases, you will be using the Tab and Shift/Tab keys, the Spacebar on buttons, the Enter key on links and the arrow keys in some areas.

Some useful shortcut keys in Skype

Control + D Launch main dialpad

Control + N Opens start new conversation

Control + F Searches contacts and messages

Alt key + 2 Opens contacts

Control + R Refreshes the app

Control + Shift + K Starts a video call

Control + Shift + P Starts an audio call

Enter Starts a PSTN call

Control + E Hangs up

Control + M Mutes

Hotkeys in Skype for Windows 10

Ctrl + I Open self profile

Ctrl +, Open Settings

Ctrl + H Open Help in default browser

Ctrl + D Launch main dialpad

Ctrl + N Start new conversation

Ctrl + F Search contacts and messages

Ctrl + F4 Hide conversation

Ctrl + P Show conversation profile

Ctrl + E Hang up call

Ctrl + M Mute

Up arrow after sending message - Edit the last message sent

Alt + 1 Navigate to recents

Alt + 2 Navigate to contacts

Alt + 3 Navigate to bots

Ctrl + Shift + A Add people to conversation

Ctrl + Shift + F Send a file

Ctrl + Shift + U Mark as unread

Ctrl + Shift + H Toggle hold/resume state of active call

Ctrl + Shift + K Start a video call

Ctrl + Shift + P Start an audio call

Ctrl + O Send feedback

An overview of the Skype app

When you go into the Skype app, you will be tabbing around and in some sections using the arrow keys. The Spacebar will be used for buttons and the Enter key on links.

User profile button

Press the Spacebar on the user profile button, then you can tab through the sections. As you tab down the sections you will hear the following: Me…Person…Profile…Avatar…Picture…Button. You can enter mood message where you can type in your mood at that time; Click to edit status active combo box; Add number where you can type your number; Add Skype credit and the amount if any; Get a subscription link; Settings link; Manage account link; Send feedback link; View help online link; About this version link; Sign out link and close button.

When you press the Enter key on the closed button, it will take you back to the user profile button.

Notifications button

This will give you the option to restart a tutorial.

Contacts button

Here you can manage your contacts.

How to tell if someone is online in Skype

Locate the person you want to talk to in the contacts list. You can use your down and up arrow keys to do this. When you have found them, tab once and you will hear NVDA say click to open profile. Next, you will need to use object navigation to get to the active now part of the app. Use the NVDA key + number 6 on the numeric keypad to do this. For more information on object navigation and how to use it in NVDA please go to that section in the user manual for all commands.
You will now know when your friends are online.

If they are active, you will be able to talk to them. If not, it will tell you when they were last online.

Show dial pad button

Press the Spacebar on this button, then you will be able to tab through the different sections there. The first place NVDA will land will be where you can type in a number (which is a lot easier than using the dial pad). The next time you tab it will ask you for a country. You can type in the country you are looking for and the results will be narrowed down. You can arrow down or up the list then press the Enter key on the one you want. Pick the one you want (for example New Zealand).

You can tab through the dial pad. Any of the numbers you want to dial - you can either use the Spacebar or Enter key on them. The next time you tab (after the dial pad) it will ask you to add Skype credit. This is if you would like to dial landlines or mobile phone numbers. Tab again and you will be asked if you want to get a subscription. Next, tab to the close button, then press the Enter key and that window will be closed.

More Button

Press the Spacebar (or Enter key) on this button and you will be given an option (for example send feedback).

Search Skype

You will need to locate the search edit box in Skype, and in the edit box either type the Skype username of the person that you are looking for or an email address.  Skype will now start searching for that person and a list of users should come up. You will need to tab about 3 times until the public directory comes up. There might be a list of people with the same name, or there might only be just one result. Depending on what comes up in the result/s, locate the person you are looking for.

This is only if they are on Skype. You can use the down or up arrow keys to do this.

Press the Enter key on the person you want to add, then type in a message like please add me to your contacts. They will need to accept your request and then they will show in your contact list.

They will also need to do the same to you, so you show on their list.  You will need to accept their request too, before you can chat via typing or voice/video if you or they have a mic or web cam with a mic.

New Button

Under this section you will be given the following options (for example new chat Ctrl + N, add new bots Alt + 3). You will need to arrow to these options.

Drop down menu button

When you press the Spacebar (or Enter key) on the drop down menu button you will be given some options (for example show only unread conversations). Press the Enter key and you will be taken to that section.

List (which will be your contacts)

Under this section will be where your contacts are that you have added. You can use the down and up arrow keys to navigate this section.

If you decide to tab while on a profile, you will be given the following options: click to open profile link button, add that person to favourites, click to open profile link, video call button, select a number to call button, create group button, list of calls to that number (where you can arrow down and up), type a message - which is an edit box, insert emoticon or Moji button, send image button, send file button, send video message button, and send contacts button.      

Enabling audio and video in Skype

You will need either a microphone or a video camera with an inbuilt mic to make voice calls or video calls. These will need to be enabled under the User profile button, then settings link. Press the Enter key on it, and then it should give you the following options; (for example Click to select camera, test video, click to select speakers, test audio link, click to select microphone). You will need to select your device under each combo box. Make sure after you go through all the different settings in this section that you save them!

Applications key

You can use the applications key while on a contact to view the following options (view profile… add to favourites … block contact … and delete conversation).

Check account link

Pressing the Enter key on this link will take you to your user profile.