Using Disney Plus with NVDA

What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is an online streaming service. You can watch unlimited TV shows and movies from The best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. These shows and movies range from new releases to classics.

Where do I go to sign up?

To sign up to Disney Plus you need to go to the following web page at
You will need to setup an account. You also have 7 days to trial it out to see if it has the content you want before you start paying for the service.

What accessibility features does Disney Plus have?

To find out which accessibility features Disney+ has please go to the following link at

Single letter navigation keys and other keys that can be used with NVDA

The Disney plus interface is a web interface and very usable with NVDA. The following single letter navigation keys can be used: B for buttons, D for landmarks, F for form fields, G for graphics, H for headings, K for links, N for non linked text, U for unvisited links, V for visited links.
You will also use the following keys: the left, right, up and down arrow keys. The Ctrl key + Home key to get to the top of the page and the Ctrl key + End key to get to the bottom of the page. You can also use the elements list in NVDA.  Using the Shift key with a single letter navigation key will take you back up the page by that element.
The Escape key can also be used to close some sections.
The Alt key + left arrow key will take you back a page while the Alt key + right arrow key will take you back into a page you just came from. The Enter key will take you into a page.
Pressing the Spacebar will activate a button.
The NVDA key + down arrow key will read the page or NVDA key + A key if using a laptop. The Tab and Shift Tab keys can be used.

Seeing what other offerings are available from Disney Plus

At the top of the main screen after you have located the "Select this to skip down to the content on this screen" button, press the Spacebar on it. You can then jump through all the different sections in Disney Plus with the letter H for headings. Then, you can use your arrow keys etcetera to see what is there. If you press the Spacebar on the "Select this to skip down to the content on this screen" button, you can then arrow down to see these other sections. If you press Enter on any of the following links, they will give you lists of movies/shows that were made by Disney.
The following are links to other Disney offerings:
Star Wars
National Geographic.
Pressing the Enter key will take you to another page where you can jump down by heading, then use the arrow keys to see what is there.


The following button is used to get to your settings, account and also to log out. Please see at the bottom of the page on how to log out of Disney Plus.
If you press the Enter key on this button, then change to focus mode in NVDA, then tab a couple of times, you will get the following: (For example home link, search link, watchlist link, originals, movies link, series link, then menu). If you press the Spacebar on the menu, you can then arrow down to log out.

The search link under profiles

If you want to search for any shows, locate the search link, then press the Enter key on it. The next screen that comes up will let you search by title, character, or genre. Just type in the edit field what you wish to look for and then go through the results.
Use the arrow keys to go through the results.

Profile. Select this to expand a dropdown to change profiles and access settings.

Information about the movie/show

You will need to find a movie to watch, then start playing it. There are plenty to choose from. If you wanted to watch The Mandalorian, after you have located it, press the Enter key on it. Another page will come up. Go to the top of the page, then arrrow down to the name of the show/movie. If you have watched the movie before or just a little you will get the following as you arrow down the page:
The Mandalorian
RESUME or there will be a play button.
Add the current title to your watchlist
rating_oflc_m2019 - 2020 • 2 seasons • Science Fiction, Action-Adventure
S1: E1 Chapter 1: The Mandalorian
In the lawless aftermath of the collapse of the Galactic Empire, an armored bounty hunter known only as The Mandalorian takes on a well-paying yet cryptic assignment.
In the additional content tab selector on the details screen.
If you press the Enter key on this tab, then you can read the extra information below it about actors and what it's about etcetera.

Turning on audio description in the player

Press the Enter key on the play or resume button and while it is playing you will need to do the following. You might have to Tab or Shift Tab a couple of times until you hear NVDA say "video player disney plus" then tab a couple more times until you hear NVDA say settings; then press the Spacebar. You will then need to tab a couple of times to the audio section or then arrow down quickly through this section until you get to audio track picker. Next, locate English Audio Description; then press the Enter key on it to take effect. If you are lucky and click on the settings button, you may even be able to jump down to the audio section by headings. Then, arrow down to English Audio Description and press the Enter key. The drop down menu does not stay up for long. If the show has an audio described track you should now start hearing it with it being audio described.

Locating the buttons on the Disney Plus player

When you have the show playing (with audio description if it has it), if you want to go back to the top of the screen - while the show/movie is still playing - then tab a few times, if you go past the settings button you will hear the following options on the player. Options include quick rewind, button pause, quick button fast forwards, button volume toggle button which seems to mute the show/movie, the full screen button and the slidebar. While on the slidebar (while the movie is playing) use either the left or right arrow keys - either to rewind or fast forwards quickly through the movie. Do not let the arrow key off until you get to where you want to be. The time will be spoken out in either direction and also the length of the show/movie.

You will need to hold down the Spacebar on the rewind or fast forward button to skip back or forwards 10 seconds in the show/movie. Take your finger off the Spacebar, then it will start playing again.

Audio Description on Disney+

The following web page will help you to find movies/shows that are audio described on Disney Plus. The link to this page is

Casting to a Chromecast on a TV

To be able to cast to a Chromecast on a TV, the Google chrome browser was used. You will need to go back to the top of the page (while the movie/show is playing), then tab a couple of times. You should hear NVDA say Disney Plus button or the word button. Tab until you hear NVDA say Chromecast button, then press the Spacebar. A pop up screen will come up then you can tab through the available Chromecasts that you have in the house. Press the Enter key on the one you want, then it will start casting to that Chromecast (for example lounge room).

To log out of Disney Plus

Press the Spacebar on the Profile button. You will have to Tab then Shift Tab back. You will then hear Menu. Press the Spacebar on it, then arrow down the list.
When the submenu comes up, you will then need to arrow down the following until you get to log out (for example add profiles, edit profiles, app settings, account, help and log out).

*Please note

If you use a touch device the Disney Plus app is very usable with a screen reader. Disney Plus on a Samsung TV, is very usable with Voice guide. If you also have Disney Plus on your Android phone along with the Google Home app and a Chromecast on your TV, you can now (in the Google home app) link Disney plus so that you can use voice commands to play, pause, rewind, fast forwards etcetera the show/movie with your voice.