Using Tubi TV with NVDA

What is Tubi?

Tubi TV is an online streaming platform which has thousands of movies/shows which you can watch for free.

Where do I go?

You can watch the offerings from Tubi by going to their website at
You can also download the Tubi app for your Android and Apple device which can be used easily with either the Talkback or VoiceOver screen reader.

There is no audio described content on Tubi, but there are plenty of shows you can follow quite easily and know what is happening on the screen.

You do not need an account to watch the movies/shows on the website, but if you want to cue them (to watch later on) you will need to register an account. This can be done via email or Facebook.

On the Tubi website, most single letter navigation keys can be used, however you will use H for headings and K for links, and more to navigate the website.

Most graphics are not spoken out. There are some labelled buttons and a few that are not.
There are some sections on the page (which when the Enter key is pressed), will bring up other information.
You might have to play around to see what some of the buttons and/or clickable links do.

Searching for a movie/show

You can search for movies/shows to watch, but if you want to add them to your cue, you must be signed in.

Please note

If you are using the web version of Tubi on the page where the movie is:
Only some of the buttons are spoken out.
There might be a watch/play button/link you can start the show with.
This may vary from show to show. Jump down by buttons or links to locate it (if it is there and spoken out).
Try also using the letter O for embedded objects to bring up the player - this might work on some browsers.

When you get the movie/show playing (if you have a multimedia keyboard), you might be able to pause/play the show after it has started. On the keyboards that can do it, you usually use the function key + a media key. You may have to see what works on your keyboard.

In Mozilla Firefox and the Google browser, the movies will automatically play and you can not really interact with the player.
In the new Microsoft Edge (after you have picked a movie/show), locate the heading of the movie, then arrow up once until you hear graphic clickable. Press the Spacebar or Enter key to start playing the movie/show. This seems to be the play button - but is not spoken out.  This way might work in some other browsers - if you hear the word clickable just above the heading of the movie/show - to start it.

If you can, please contact Tubi support and also say about unlabelled buttons on the site. The player is not really accessible with a screen reader. Hopefully these might get fixed in the future.

Tubi has been approached to add shortcut keys to the player, so it can be used with a keyboard.

Using a browser to start your movie/show

Some movies will play automatically (depending upon the browser that you are using). Some movies will need to be activated by pressing Enter on the heading of the movie. If not, arrow up once and press Enter. (This is a play button which is not spoken out). When the player does appear, some parts will let you interact with it (like screen resolution). The player is not fully accessible.
When you do go and pick a movie (and go into the page to read all about it before you play it) you will hear the following:
The length of the movie, how far along you are in it, who the actors are, what the movie/show is about, the rating of the movie, and which category it is in.

It seems in the web version you can still continue watching your show or add the show to a cue when signed in.

Account settings

Under the account settings section is where you can make some changes such as PROFILE. This is where you can change your age, gender, email and password details, and delete your account.
PARENTAL CONTROLS is where you can limit the age of people watching certain shows.
NOTIFICATIONS is where you can get a weekly email from Tubi.
HISTORY & QUEUE is where you can delete your history of the shows that you have watched, and also delete the cue of movies/shows.

Please note

When you pick a section, press the Enter key on it to open it, then arrow down the page.
It should say the name of the section first, then let you edit after it.
For example, if you choose your profile, you can edit your name, age etcetera.

Signing out of Tubi on the website

If you do decide to sign out of Tubi on the website, locate your profile name, then press the Enter key on your profile name and a menu will appear with the following... for example Jim...Account Settings...Help Center...Activate Your Device...Sign Out.
Arrow down the list, then press the Enter key on sign out. If you want to continue watching on that machine again, you will have to sign back in.

Apps for your TV or mobile device

They also have apps for either your Android or Apple phone. It is very usable with either the Talkback screen reader or the Voiceover screen reader on those devices. The app for the TV is also very usable with a screen reader. On a Samsung TV there might not be some sections spoken out (as in the movie/shows section) but it can be accessed via the Genre section. This seems to be the same for the app version on your phone.

Registering a new account or signing in on another device

You do not need an account to watch any of the shows on Tubi. Any of the shows you pick on the device you are using will show in a history area and can be deleted later on. When you are navigating the vast amount of movies/tv shows etcetera you will find various movies of interest. If you registered for a free account, it will then let you cue your show/s so that you can watch them at a later date. This will only be on the one device.
It is a matter of finding the show you want, then locating the add to cue button, and pressing the Enter key to add it. At a later date you can use your touch gestures on your mobile device to find the show to watch in the cue.
In the same section it will also let you continue where you left off in the movie/show. These can also (at a later date) be deleted out. You will find these under the genre section. This is on a mobile device or the TV app.

Activating Tubi on another device such as a TV

If you have another TV in the house with the Tubi app; to get it to finish playing your show on the new device, it will give you a code - which will need to be entered into a browser on another device. For example, if the code is on your TV, use the browser on your phone to enter the code. After it has been verfied, it will let you continue to watch that movie/show on another device. This only happens once. Do not sign out of Tubi either.

If you are using a computer, you will need to sign in with your account details that you signed up with, then move to that section. On a computer it will let you continue watching the movie/show.

Casting to a Chromecast type device

If you decide to download the app to your Android or Apple device, and want to watch it on a bigger screen, you will need a device like a Chromecast by Google. If your device is supported on your phone, there should be a cast button.

It is easier to locate the show you want to watch first, then locate the cast button. It will ask you which device you wish to cast it to - like your living room Chromecast or bedroom Chromecast etcetera. Locate the one that you want, and start casting to that device. It will start playing it on your device (such as your mobile), then it will go from your mobile device to the big screen. You will be able to play/pause, rewind, fast forward etcetera using the screen reader on that device.

Casting from your browser

If your browser supports casting to a Chromecast, it is pretty much the same idea.
If there is a cast menu in your browser (like Google Chrome), locate the movie that you want to watch on your computer/laptop, then press the Alt key to bring up the file menu; then go down to the cast menu, then press the Enter key. If you have Chromecasts named throughout the house, (as in living room, bedroom, office etcetera), pick the one that you want (by tabbing through them), then press the Enter key on the one you wish to watch the show on. Shortly after it should appear on the big screen.