Get image descriptions from Google in Google browser

Have you ever come across websites that do not have image descriptions? This could be in the case where they have embedded text into a graphic etcetera.
In most cases when this occurs, the web developer has not added Alt text into the image; this is important so that the screen reader knows what the graphic is about.

The Google browser has a new feature built into it. It can help in this situation, by letting you know what text is in the graphic, and also by giving a description of what is in the graphic itself.

The feature was noticed in the Google browser Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) and above.
To use this feature, while on a web page where the graphics are not labeled correctly, press the applications key on your keyboard while in the Google browser.
If there is no applications key, you can use the Shift key + F10 key to bring up the context menu. Next, arrow down until you hear NVDA say get image descriptions from Google sub menu. It will give you 2 options that you can use. One is just once or always. Press the Enter key on the one you want (for example always).
It will then come up with a message saying it will get a useful description from Google. You have to say you are in, then it will fetch the description for it.
The feature when turned on will do it for all pages you access on the internet until it is turned off.

Now, you will notice (in the case where there was no description) it will say any text embedded into the graphic, plus also give a description of what it thinks is in the graphic image-wise.

It will say something like appears to be... and then its description. This feature may help on TVNZ on demand until graphics for the shows are labeled correctly instead of just hearing new season. If they are labelled correctly, then we will be able to know which show the words new season is referring to!

An example will be given below. You will need to navigate down by the letter G for graphics with NVDA, and press the Enter key on it to take you to the show. Then, it is a matter of seeing what the show is about, and then playing it.

FULL SEASON Appears to be: Gentleman : Jordan Peele , the twilight zone.