How to navigate Google Duo for web with NVDA

What is Google Duo?

Google Duo is an app that is simple to use. It allows users to communicate using high quality video calls and can be used on smartphones, tablets, and smart displays. It can now also be used on the web in a supported web browser.

Where to go on the web

To try out Google Duo on the web, please go to the following link at

It might be a good idea to bookmark the page if you decide you like using it through your browser.

If you already have a Google Duo account, then it is just a matter of signing into it on the web. If you do not already have an account you will need to create one.

You will need a mobile phone that it can text a verification code to, so that you can set up the Google Duo account. You can use either your Android or Apple mobile phone to do this.

The mobile device will need a copy of Google Duo on it, so when signed in it will upload your contacts to your web version of Google Duo.

If your computer has a web cam, it will use it in your video chat unless you specify another device to use.
After you have signed into Google Duo on the web, you will be able to call your Google Duo contacts on their devices - if they have either data or wifi enabled, and are online. If not, you can leave a message for them for the next time they go into Google Duo. They can also call you back if you are online on the web.

You can call from inside the browser you are using to another user (either on an Android phone, an Apple phone or the web version) if Google Duo is installed and setup on their device. They can also call you back while you are on the web in the browser.

If you already have an account you can use your existing Google Duo account details to sign in with.

Supported browsers

You can use Duo for web with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari.
Microsoft Edge is not supported at present.

After you have signed in

The keys  that you will use are:
Ctrl + home (to go to the top of the page)
Ctrl + End (to go to the bottom of the page)
B (for buttons)
Up and Down arrow keys (to navigate up and down)
Enter key (takes you to the next section)

In some cases, you will need to change between browse mode and focus mode to see some options.

As you navigate down the page you will hear NVDA say the following: Google account you are using; button help (for more information about Google Duo); button feedback; button settings; button collapsed Google apps; button Google account you are using; recent calls (the name of the person, the time they called, and options where you can either block or delete that user); and a search box - where you can search for contacts or dial a number. In the search box it will bring up that person's name or your list of contacts.

Settings in Google Duo

When you go into the settings section in Google Duo, you will hear the following:

Account Knock Knock. This is used when someone is calling in and you want to know who it is before answering.

Learn more (about Knock Knock).

Toggle Knock Knock. It is a check box which if checked will alert you as to who is calling.

Sources Manage audio and video sources

Blocked users

Call log When you go into this section you can download your call log (You might get a message like "No call history found on this browser" if it has not been used before on the web).

If your web cam is plugged in it will detect it along with the mic in it.
Just allow it when the notification pops up for your web cam etcetera.

If you go into the manage audio and video sources, and you want to change any of the settings (such as your mic used, video camera or speakers) you will need to use object navigation at present to choose other options listed in those sections.

If you do not know how to use it, please see the section in the user manual called 5. 4 object navigation.

To call a contact in Google Duo

Find the person that you want to call. It will say their Google Duo name and their mobile number. Next, press the Enter key on their name. You will then be given some options (which NVDA will read out) such as: show wide video, menu submenu options (where you can block that user), button video call, and button audio call.

If you choose either audio or video call (by pressing the Enter key), it will start calling that person. If it does not seem like they are going to answer, you can end the call (which is done using the end call button) and pressing the Enter key. When you are calling that contact it will make a ringing sound.

Answering a call

Depending whether or not you have knock knock turned off, you will not see a preview of the person calling in.

When the person is calling in

It will pop up 2 buttons (one will be to accept and the other to deny the call).
It will automatically default to the Accept button. Press the Enter key (or spacebar) and now you will be in a call.

When you are in a call

The following options will be given
You can mute the microphone, turn off the camera, send wide video, enter full screen mode, and end the call. It might ask you a question at the end to see if the call was bad or good.

Going back to your list of contacts

If you are in your recent calls screen (and you want to get back to where your contacts are), you will need to go to the bottom of the screen and locate the applications area. Next, press the Enter key on it. It will then come up with your list of contacts. NVDA will say list of contacts - list expandable. You might have to change modes in NVDA to see those contacts. Use the NVDA key + Spacebar to do this. Then, it is a matter of either arrowing up or down that list.
Press the Enter key on the contact you want, then you will be given some options to either audio call or video call them.

When you go back into your account, it will also give you the option to delete your Google account, remove your Google Duo account, and also show your settings.
In most cases you would leave these.

Signing out of Google Duo on the web

Locate your Google account button, then press the Enter key. Arrow down, and as you do you will hear the following read out by NVDA:  link Change profile picture, Your user name, Email you used, link Privacy, link Google account, link Add account, link Sign out - then it is just a matter of pressing the Enter key and you are now signed out of Google Duo on the web.