New Zealand libraries with NVDA

Disclaimer: This information was correct at the time of publishing, however please check with your local library as this information is subject to change.

I would like to begin this page, by thanking the public networks within New Zealand below, who have taken the time to install the NVDA screen reader for their customers, as well as update it yearly on their networks - making for a more inclusive New Zealand! I look forward to more organisations following their lead in the future. As an example, the Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa (APNK) also referred to as the New Zealand library network had NVDA on their public computers for over then years! APNK has only recently gone to chromebooks.They had NVDA on over 750 of their public computers at 52 locations around New Zealand.

It is not only for libraries but can also be installed in schools, polytechs and or private training establishments, information centres, as well as homes! Regardless of where these installations are around NZ, they help to make a more inclusive New Zealand for people who are blind, low vision, dyslexic, print disabled, ESOL all at no cost to the user. (unless people choose to donate to the NVDA project).

Are you thinking of adding NVDA to your network - so that other people out in the community can benefit from a screen reader?

Role of a screen reader

A screen reader is a piece of adaptive technology that the visually impaired/blind and illiterate, or print disabled people use. Screen readers are software applications that attempt to convey what people with normal eyesight see on a display to their users via non-visual means, like text-to-speech, sound icons, or a Braille device.
For more information on a screen reader please visit the following link

Where can I get NVDA from? Where can I find out more information?

You can download a copy of NVDA from the following web page at  If you are looking at installing it to a network, and want to find out more information, check out the Corporate/Government page on NV Access's website at
This information, is for people installing it to a government/corporate network.

Managed installs of NVDA on a network

Download the latest version of NVDA from the website
For managed installs please refer to the User Guide “Command Line Options” section
For example to install NVDA version 2019.1.1 silently and do not enable NVDA at the Windows Logon screen run this command: 
nvda_2019.1.1.exe --install-silent --enable-start-on-logon=False

NVDA User Statistics

If you are thinking of giving access to your public/private network with NVDA (such as a library network, school network, publicly available computer or information centre) and want to see what type of user base there is, please read on.  Allowing access to these computers with NVDA is not only a way of enhancing inclusiveness but also a cost effective way of making these terminals accessible to blind, vision impaired, dyslexic and print disabled people.

Explanation of Statistics Gathering
Running copies of NVDA contact the NV Access server to check for updates once every 24 hours. Each update check request is recorded as one usage of NVDA in a day. As we know that one single NVDA cannot make more than one update check request per day, we can safely say the amount of update check requests in a day equates to the minimum amount of running copies in a day. The actual numbers might be higher than reflected here due to users not having internet access, or they may have disabled update checking completely. In a case where a user has internet access but has the update feature turned off, then the usage of that copy of NVDA will not be reported on the NVDA user statistics page. However, the data does give us a rough idea of usage patterns.

To see how many people access the internet with NVDA each day around the world, please go to the following link at

Asking a librarian for assistance with starting NVDA

Please note: You may need to ask about this software at the enquiries desk, as staff come and go and may or may not be aware of NVDA. Also, staff are available to assist you by logging you in on the computer. You may need to take your own set of headphones.

Christchurch City Libraries network

To find out which software is available on the Christchurch City Libraries network, and how to start the NVDA screen reader, please go to the following links: Software available  How to start the NVDA screen reader on the Christchurch City Libraries computers

Christchurch City Libraries have 395 public computers across 19 library locations.

Auckland Libraries network

If you are up in the Auckland area you can use NVDA at any one of the 55 locations at

You can also see that the NVDA screen reader is installed on their software page at
At present, you will need to ask a librarian to sign you in to the network, then start NVDA for you.

Auckland Libraries network have about 600 public computers across 55 locations.

To access NVDA, once the librarian has signed you in to the computer, they can either start NVDA for you; or to do it yourself...Press Ctrl + Esc simultaneously. Once you have done that, type in NVDA. It should show as the third link listed in your search results. Press the down arrow key three times, and then press Enter to select and launch it.