Sighted Guide

What is sighted guide?

Sighted guide is the act of a sighted person guiding a blind person. Visually impaired people, (whether they are totally blind or have some degree of useful vision), may occasionally require the assistance of a sighted human guide. In some cases, a person with a guide dog may still need assistance from a sighted human guide if in a new or unfamiliar area. This can be done by the guide dog user asking the dog to follow you to wherever it may be (eg. a table or door).

A short video on how to apply sighted guide techniques

For a short video on how to best apply sighted guide techniques, please view the link below:

To be of greatest assistance to a blind or visually impaired person (and to avoid any embarrassing situations), please use the following helpful hints:

Making initial contact with a blind person

When you guide a blind person

Walking side by side

Narrow spaces

Using the stairs

Taking a seat

What to do when approaching a doorway

Safety measures to be aware of when sighted guiding

In summary, ask if a blind or vision impaired person needs assistance.

If they do, ask how you can best assist them, and remember to be very specific with instructions.