Sports, recreation and other activities

Being visually impaired or blind, does not mean the end of the world. It just means that we have to adapt and find other ways of doing things.

Below is a list of organisations within New Zealand (and overseas) that may be able to assist you to get out and about and continue doing (or try for the first time) the things that you enjoy. It may be the first time you are attempting something and you may need assistance - or on the other hand you may be well experienced and already know where to go. This page is for those people who are new to this and want to discover some fun activities, as well as those who are seasoned veterans and may just want to pass the contact details onto others.

I hope you find this page useful. Adapting equipment and lessons for snow sports in NZ

Outward Bound Adventure programme Outdoor challenges and adventures for New Zealanders

Blind Sport New Zealand For a variety of different sports within New Zealand

Ability Adventures Ltd Based in Dunedin, their goal is making adventures accessible to everyone

BLVNZ (Blind Low Vision NZ) Has a variety of groups that you can join. Call 0800 243333 or contact your local branch for more information on what is happening in your area.

Association of Blind Citizens New Zealand An association which encompasses social events, advocacy and general information

United States Association of Blind Athletes There are many sports or recreation activities that a blind or visually impaired person can be associated with if they so desire. In most cases the activity will have to be adapted in one way or another. To see how some of these sports etc are adapted please go to

Beep Ball (Blind Baseball) Beep Ball is an audible version of baseball. The ball and the bases make sounds so that players know where the ball is and where to go. Different sounds are used to differentiate between a ball and a base. If you wish to find out more, or if you live in the USA and are interested in joining in please visit the following link

Accessibility Central games page Please check out my games page for games that can be played by a blind or visually impaired person, as well as information on adapting certain games.

Resources for accessible games For games that are already adapted, please check out your local Blind Foundation or check out my lets go shopping page at the following link You may well discover some retailers that you have not heard of before!

Please contact your local Blind Foundation, for more information on local events and activities that blind and vision impaired members can participate in, in your country of residence.