Using with NVDA

What is

Messenger allows people to text, video chat and stay in touch with Facebook friends.

Where do I go to?

You will need to go to the following website at and if you have not signed up for a new account - you can make one. If you already have a Facebook account, it is just a matter of signing into with your details.

NVDA keys you will use on

You will use the following keys while in browse mode with NVDA. The single letter navigation keys that can be used are: B for buttons, C for combo box, D for landmarks, E for editable areas, F for form fields, G for graphics, H for headings, I for list items, K for links, T for tables, U for unvisited links. Ctrl + Home key will take you to the top of the page; while Ctrl key + End key will take you to the bottom of the page.

In some cases you might need to go between browse mode (where you can use single letter navigation keys) and focus mode (where you can type in a message). Use the NVDA key + spacebar for this.
The Escape key can be used to dismiss some pop up menus. The say all command can be used (NVDA key + down arrow key) to read the content of a page - along with your arrow keys.
The spacebar is used to open a submenu, then jump down by headings.
Using the Shift key + a quick navigation key will take you back in reverse. For example, pressing the letter B will take you to the next button - where adding the Shift key and the letter B will take you in reverse to the previous button.

After you have logged into

As you go down the page you will hear the following: back to recent messages, level 1 chats, sub menu settings help and more, new message, search messenger (which is a search box), contacts, conversation list. Conversation list  will be a list of all the conversations you have had. They will say the name of the person, the date you chatted to them, and either what you sent to them, or what you got from them. Submenu actions is where you can reply to that person with certain replies (such as: start a voice call, start a video chat) then it will give you expanded info on that person.

Sending a message etcetera to a contact on your list

Locate the person's name you want to send a message to, then press the Enter key on their name. You will then be given options such as: Type in a message to that person, Choose an emoji, Send a like this if you arrow down. If you arrow back up from where you typed the message to that person, you will hear choose files, choose a sticker, choose a GIF, send a voice clip, play a game, take a picture using quick cam, and create a poll.
It will also tell you the message seen by your contact and what you wrote, and time, more, reply, react, and the previous message to that person. Press the Enter key on the option you want, then it might be a matter of using the arrow keys etcetera.

Settings help and more

When you open the sub menu settings (help and more menu) under this section, you will find the following: active contacts, message requests, archived chats, unread chats, about, terms, privacy policy, cookie policy help, report a problem, and log out. Again, press the Enter key on the option you want, then use the arrow keys to navigate that section.

If you choose active contacts, then press either the Spacebar or Enter key on it, and it will show you only your active contacts online at that time. Pick any of those contacts and you could do the following with them: such as start a voice call or start a video chat. You must either have a microphone or a web camera, and have them set up in

To send a voice clip, you must allow it to be sent. This will be the same for an audio chat or video chat. It will pop up a little screen where you can allow it or deny it being sent.

Incoming chats or audio or video calls

Usually (in most cases) you are only talking to one person at a time.

To see what the person said back to you, use the arrow keys to locate their response. Their reply will be above the area where you typed in the message. Their message will be above the other menus. If you do a voice call, you can redial them back from the chat.

To receive an audio or video call, you will hear a ringing sound. Make sure you are in browse mode, then press an accept button; or a decline button will come up. Press the Spacebar or the Enter key on the accept button and then you will be in the call. You will also hear the person's name who is calling in at that time.
After you have finished your call with that person you can tab down to hang up and then the call will be finished.

Sometimes (after a call has ended) you will be asked about the quality of the message (rating from poor to excellent) or you can just say not at this time. Make sure you submit it, then close all windows so that other screens do not grab focus from NVDA. If the person has a camera, you should see them and visa versa.

Logging out of

To log out of you will need to locate the sub menu settings help and more menu.
Press the Spacebar on the submenu, and then arrow down to log out, and press the Enter key. Now you are logged out of