NVDA addons

On this page, there will be information on how to install and remove addons from the NVDA screen reader. This will be in both written and audio formats. There is a link to a Dropbox folder (at the end of this page) with a variety of addons that people may want to use while using NVDA.
There will also be other information relating to addons below.

Training material and phone support for NVDA from the NV Access online shop

Are you aware that NV Access have put together an online Shop where you can buy training material for the NVDA screen reader?
You can also get phone support.

Please stay tuned for more training material as it becomes available.
For more information please visit the NV Access Online Shop at the following link https://www.nvaccess.org/shop/

NVDA expert certification

To find an NVDA certified expert near you, please visit the following link https://certification.nvaccess.org/. The certification page contains the official list of NVDA certified individuals from around the world, who have sat and successfully passed the NVDA expert exam.

Have you got a good grasp on the NVDA screen reader? Have you got what it takes to sit the NVDA expert exam? You can test your knowledge for free. If you pass the exam in the required time frame, then you can purchase an official certificate and be acknowledged on the above webpage under the list of worldwide NVDA experts.

Find out about NVDA progress via the nvaccess In Process blog

To find out what is happening within the NVDA project, visit “In-Process” - the new NV Access blog, where you can be informed of happenings within the organisation, staff and of course, NVDA. http://www.nvaccess.org/category/in-process/

Click on any of the links in the table below, to visit other NVDA related webpages that may be of interest to you.

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NVDA tutorials

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additional NVDA components

NVDA screen reader related resources

For a variety of NVDA related resources from around the world, please visit the NVDA screen reader related resources page at the following link
NVDA screen reader related resources

Promotional video on the NVDA screen reader

If you are unsure what a screen reader is, please click on the following link to listen to a promotional video on the NVDA screen reader https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks7AwV_uxO0&feature=youtu.be   Please feel free to pass this information onto others that you think may be interested or who may want to find out more.

Getting the latest copy of the free NVDA screen reader

There is no use getting addons for the NVDA screen reader if you haven't got a copy already. To get a copy of the NVDA screen reader please go to http://www.nvaccess.org and grab a copy from the downloads section. If you already have a copy of NVDA, just look below.

What is an NVDA addon?

NVDA addons are additional packages that can be downloaded and installed into your copy of NVDA; to enhance existing functionality, or to add additional features to your screen reader. (Just like scripts that may give extra functionality to the Jaws screen reader for a variety of tasks). On this  page, you will find addons that have been created and publicly reviewed by members of the community. Please note that many of these addons are not provided by NV Access, so NV Access cannot be held responsible for these addons.

Help button for addons (if the author of the add on has given the extra information)

From NVDA 2015.1 onwards, there has been a help button put into the NVDA Manage add-ons section. After you have installed your add on locate the add on you want (for example remote support add on). Next, tab to the add on help button, then press the Enter key. Your web browser will open to a help page about that add on, so that you can find out more about how to use that add on.  The help button will not show if the extra information is not there.

Some add ons will also install a menu where you can make changes (for example remote, which will have sub menus come off it such as connect, disconnect and so on).

Disabling and enabling of addons in NVDA

Under the “manage add on” section (where you can see which add on/s you have installed) a new “disable/enable add on” button has been put in. If for any reason you have trouble with any of your add on/s, and you are trying to figure which one it might be, they can be disabled one by one. It is a matter of locating an add on, then tabbing to the disable button, then pushing the Enter key. You will then need to tab to the close button, and press the Enter key. NVDA will need to be restarted for the add on to be disabled. Say yes, and NVDA will be restarted with the add on disabled.

You can do this one by one to see which add on might be causing the problem.

If you have located the add on causing the problem, it can be removed. Any of the addons that were disabled can be re-enabled quickly by going to each add on, then tabbing to the enable addon button, then pressing the Enter key. Next, tab to the close button, then press the Enter key. NVDA will need to be restarted, so say yes and NVDA will be restarted and the add on will now be re-enabled.

This applies from NVDA version 2016.3 onwards.

To listen to an audio tutorial on disabling and enabling addons in NVDA 2016.3 onwards please go to https://www.dropbox.com/s/8nqlyyi5mwup6cx/disabling%20and%20enabling%20of%20addons%20in%20NVDA.MP3?dl=0

NVDA addons not compatible with NVDA 2019.3

The below addons will only work up to NVDA 2019.2.1 and are not Python 3 compatible. When you go to install them on NVDA 2019.3 you will get the following message below.

Add-on not compatible Installation of Driver for the braillenote classic 0.2 has been blocked. An updated version of this add-on is required, the minimum add-on API supported by this version of NVDA is 2019.3

You will then need to contact the author of the addon to see if they can make it Python 3 compatible. Please also note, some addons will be end of life and may have been integrated into NVDA (for example screen curtain).

NVDA community addons website for stable release addons

The NVDA community has put together an official NVDA addons page. These addons have been reviewed or checked by the community. The link to this page is https://addons.nvda-project.org/index.en.html Make sure to add the web page to your bookmarks or your favourites in your browser.


Introducing NVDA-addons.org, the largest international add-ons store with official and unofficial add-ons from all NVDA communities

The largest international NVDA add-ons store available on the web.  To see which addons are now getting gathered for the NVDA screen reader from around the world please go to the following website at https://nvda-addons.org/

NVDA addons website for addons under development

 Keep up to date with the development of NVDA addons at the following site https://addons.nvda-project.org/dev.en.html

NVDA addon subscription and announcement page

For NVDA addon suggestions, reviews and announcements visit the nvda-addons list at https://addons.nvda-project.org/announcements.en.html

NVDA Add-on Development Guide

If you have a little bit of knowledge to do with Python and would like to help out with making add ons for NVDA please go to https://github.com/nvdaaddons/DevGuide/wiki/NVDA-Add-on-Development-Guide

Submitting addons

If you would like to submit an addon to the NVDA community, please see the paragraph above for the link to their addons page.

Audio tutorial on how to install and remove addons

If you are using an earlier version than 2013.2  you will need to follow these instructions on installing and removing addons. In the 2013.2 version there has been a "get addons" button put in to make it easier for the user to get addons. This button is not present in earlier versions of NVDA. To get this functionality (where you can be taken to the website) you will need 2013.2 and beyond.   To listen to this tutorial (which has directions on how to install and remove addons), please go to https://www.dropbox.com/s/8593m44ekwjq8fo/how%20to%20install%20and%20remove%20addons%20with%20NVDA%202013.2%20and%20beyond.MP3?dl=0

How to install or remove an addon

In the latest version of NVDA 2013.2 and beyond there has been a button put into the manage addons section which will take you straight to the NVDA community addons webpage. To access this webpage from within the NVDA screen reader, you will need to do the following. Press the Insert key and the letter N.  This will bring up the NVDA  menu. Next, arrow down to the tools menu. Arrow right then down to the manage addons menu and press Enter. Tab until you hear the get addons button, then press Enter. When the webpage loads, it will give you a list of addons that have been reviewed so far by the community.

To install an addon when NVDA is running, press the Insert key and the letter N until the NVDA menu comes up. Arrow down to the tools menu, then arrow right and then down to the manage addons menu, and press Enter. It should default to the addons list that you have installed. Tab to the install button and press Enter. Next, locate the addon you want to install, and press Enter and follow the directions. It will ask you if you want to install the addon, say yes to this and press Enter and it will be installed. Now, tab to the close button, and press Enter and then it will ask you to restart NVDA. Say yes to this and the add on will be installed. Later versions of NVDA will let you install from your desktop etcetera just by pressing Enter on it.

To remove an addon, repeat the process above, but instead of installing an addon, this time you will go to the remove addon button. Locate an addon you want to remove, then Tab to the remove button and press Enter. It will ask you if you want to remove this addon. Say yes to this and it will be removed. Now, tab to the close button and press Enter, and it will ask you to restart NVDA. Say yes to this and NVDA will be restarted. Now the addon is removed.

Addon updater

Please note this addon will be part of NVDA at a later date and this addon will not be required.

This addon has the ability to check for, download, and apply addon updates.
To check for updates after installing this addon, go to NVDA menu/Tools/Check for addon updates. If updates are available, a list of addon updates will be shown, with each entry consisting of description, current version, and the new version. Select Update, and NVDA will download and apply updates in sequence, with a prompt to restart your copy of NVDA shown afterwards.

The addon updater will only work with compatible addons from the NVDA community addon website.

For more information on where to get it from, please go to the following link at https://addons.nvda-project.org/addons/addonUpdater.en.html

You can also go to the addons community website at https://addons.nvda-project.org/addons/addonUpdater.en.html

If you have not installed an addon into NVDA, please see the section in the user manual called Addons Manager.
If down the track you get a message saying your addon is incompatible, please see the section called incompatible Addons.

Information on how to script

To get you started, please visit the following website for more information about scripting.  It can be found at http://www.webbie.org.uk/nvda/

After you have installed the addon, press Enter on the help button,  and it should give you a list of shortcuts for that addon. With newer addons, check under tools...manage addons...and press Enter on the help button.With the newer NVDA addons, to find out which shortcut commands are used with each addon (once it has been installed), please use the

NVDA key + the letter N. Go to tools... manage addons... and then press Enter on the help button on the addon you would like information about.

NVDA addons

If you are wanting addons for the NVDA screen reader from when they were first introduced, I have zipped them into a zip file for the different versions of NVDA.

The link to my dropbox account can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t19xq968asv8ktg/AACm-19Vev6JqsnUtaydgpg-a?dl=0

You will need a program like WinZip, Winrar etcetera to unzip the package. You will need to put them into your own directory so that you can find them easily.

Addons for software speech synthesizers SpeechHub synthesiser package for NVDA (by Bill and Isaac)

There is a new synthesiser package that can be used with NVDA. It allows different synthesiser packages to be bundled into the one package and this in turn means you don't have to go looking for them. Please read the directions on how to install the package and also acquire the SpeechHub add-on to make the package work. The new SpeechHub package can be found at http://www.speakon.org.uk/

SpeechHub tutorial on installing it to your PC

This tutorial explains how to install the SpeechHub synthesiser program along with the addon. The link is https://www.dropbox.com/s/k8m4qxzrf8owvvl/how%20to%20install%20the%20speechhub%20synth%20package.MP3?dl=0

SpeechHub tutorial on how to make it go portable on a USB stick

This tutorial explains how to install the SpeechHub synthesiser program onto a USB stick so that you can take it portable to be used with NVDA. The tutorial can be found here https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ad3osxnpq6g9ls/how%20to%20make%20the%20speech%20hub%20synthesiser%20package%20go%20portable%20with%20NVDA.MP3?dl=0